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New Membership Program

EZFingerPrints offers a membership service that gives you all the equipment, training, software and knowledge you need to start a background check business!


Adding Level 2 FBI background checks is an opportunity that is compelling, growth-oriented, and flexible to the entrepreneur’s and business professional’s needs. Our easy-to-follow operations and startup guide shows you, step by step, how to start up your business and we help you market your business to grow it into a successful company.


Best of all, EZFingerprints is not a franchise. Being a member gives you access to a full set of instructions, but you get to operate how you want. You determine the pricing. You set your own hours. Do it full-time or part-time, as a dedicated business or as part of another services you offer. You’re in charge running your fingerprint business your way.


There is no franchise fee and there are no royalties!!!!!


Level 2 FBI background checks aren't your basic background check, which only happens before an employee is hired. These types of background checks are required by law and expire every 5 years giving you repeat business. Because of this you will have customers coming back many times throughout year. The time is now to take advantage of our incredibly effective, simplified concept, while meeting the growing needs in today’s marketplace.  If you want grow a profitable successful business, we’d like to talk to you today!

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