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The Launch of EZFingerPrints Courses



EZFingerPrints Courses offers full “anywhere” digital access to both in-depth knowledge and a suite of tools required to both start and successfully operate a background check business. Offering background checks and fingerprinting services to your existing client base opens up new opportunities for revenue, as well as client growth and retention.

Start by following our background check “Operations and Startup Guide”, outlining necessary marketing and business processes to ensure your success. There is no doubt that in recent years America has become more security conscious. Today, beyond typical employers, there is an abundance of large organizations including school systems, hospitals, and other groups that are required background checks both at a state level and federally.
Level 2 FBI background checks aren’t the same as typical background checks used in screening an employee for a company.
They are required by law and expire every 5 years, providing repeat business and referral opportunities. This means a virtual guarantee of returning customers.
  • About 93% of employers conduct criminal background checks on some applicants. And 73% of employers conduct background checks on all applicants.
  • Fingerprinting of job applicants has skyrocketed. In 2000, about 6.6 million sets of fingerprints were sent to the FBI. Today, that number is up to more than 25 million.
  • Almost half of more than 3,100 hiring managers surveyed report they’ve caught a job candidate lying on his or her resume.
  • Resume fraud alone costs employers an estimated $600 billion a year.
Start propelling your business growth today!
Offers a membership service that gives you all the equipment, training, software and knowledge you need to start a background check and drug testing business. If you are starting your business from scratch this is the way to get it going!!
Do you have the equipment, but need software to make your life easier? We offer a Comprehensive Point of Sale System: Which includes an Easy-to-Use Customer Management Module, Integrated Credit Card Processing Available, Extensive Business Reporting Features, Scheduling Software, QuickBooks Integration and AHCA Photo Submission software.
For businesses who already operate a fingerprint background check business and are struggling to get the numbers they want. Our turn key processes and systems are the same tools that we use everyday to provide stellar customer service and drive sales!

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