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Update your Records or be Fined by the State

Update your Records or be Fined by the State


**Failure to screen and re-screen employees including contract staff is a violation of state law and subject to a fine of $500 per person.**


All employees are required by law to be screened and re-screened every 5 through your governing agency. Because of the livescan screening law change to level 2 back in August of 2010, there was a phase in period. The phase in period ended in July 2015!

AHCA and other government agencies are on a hunt to audit employers with out of date records. Usually the holiday time is a little slower and you don't want to be like a few of our customers who have called us too late and have had to pay steep fees to get their employees in compliance. Remember, when you hire or rehire employees that used to work for you, make sure to re-screen them if there was a lapse in employment greater than 90 days. 

If you should have any questions or want to know what the state is looking for please use us as resource!!

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