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What does it mean to have rejected fingerprints?


What does it mean when my fingerprints get rejected? 

If you are notified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and/or the FBI that your fingerprints were illegible there are two different processes.
1. The governing agency will send out a letter to you, and sometimes to the requesting company (employer), instructing you to have your fingerprints taken for a second time. The state will include a TCR number allowing the fingerprints to be submitted for
free. If the fingerprints are declared illegible for a second time, the state automatically submits a request for a “Name Check" on the customer, with the FBI. You will see this processes most commonly used by AHCA, DOH, DBPR.
2. FDLE and the governing agency will write a letter to you, and sometimes the requesting company (employer), explaining that the prints were illegible for a second time and that the “Name Check" procedure will need to be requested by the employer. The “Name Check" can take from 4 to 6 weeks to perform. If the customer is being rescreened and is currently working, you will want to confirm with your regulations if that person is still able to work while this is being processed. If the customer is a new-hire, they cannot work until the “Name Check" is completed and approval has been granted. At EZFingerPrints we always recommend confirming before moving forward. You will see this process most commonly used by DCF and DOEA.
We are experts in fingerprinting and background checks. Please call us for any questions you have! 

What Causes your fingerprints to be rejected?

There are a number of conditions that can affect the image quality of a fingerprint. For instance, wet or sweaty fingers can cause the fingerprint to look blurred and not come out clearly. On the other hand, dry fingers will cause the image to look broken and lack definition. If a clearly defined delta and core (see picture below) can be seen, then we have a quality fingerprint. At EZFingerPrints, we are experts at looking and finding quality fingerprints to ensure your fingerprints are approved.


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