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What is my ORI/OCA Number?

How can I find out my companies ORI/OCA Number?

Before the electronic fingerprinting process can start a individual or business must have have two specific codes, which can be obtained from your area's background screening office. Without having the proper ORI/OCA code your background check may be sent to wrong agency delaying your background check or having it to be resubmitted costing you additional money.


ORI Code: This is the Department Originating Agency Identifier Number, which tells the Florida Department of Law Enforcement the purpose of the background check. An ORI number is generally a 9 digit numeric code consisting of 2 state/agency identifying characters and 6-7 addtional characters.


OCA Code: This is the Department Live Scan or Electronic Originating Agency Case Number, which tells the governing agency who (company) is requesting the screening.


Not all businesses or industries are required to have an OCA number, but all businesses/industries will have an ORI number. Knowing the difference can make all the difference in the world when trying to get an employee hired or obtian a license. Learn more by visiting our frequently asked questions.


To learn more or if you need help finding your ORI/OCA numbers please call us today!

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